Nora Beyer


Popfabryk, Media Art Friesland, European Media Art Festival and New Noardic Wave invited image makers, visual artists, composers and music producers to participate in a unique edition of KOMPOST.

KOMPOST: Nahrung für den Geist creates a free artistic context for a collaborative artist-in-residence in the Frisian countryside, with a focus on the landscape and the role we play in it by eating, living and working there. Ten sound and image makers from the Netherlands and Germany jointly realized an audiovisual production in ten days, using the local landscape as a starting point. The resulting works were presented at Media Art Festival - LUNA in Leeuwarden and at the European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück in 2022. The project won the 'EDR-Grenzpreis'.

At the end of the week, we presented our work to the festival directors and the press. We set up wireless headphones on top of the silo nearby, so that everybody could enjoy a fantastic view over the dike and the fields while listening to the sound piece. After all, this is the landscape that inspired everything this week, from the food we ate to the discussions we had to the art we made. The experience was accompanied by a drink made from beetroot syrup (a very local food), which was also made by one of the artists.

Here’s what the landscape sounded like to me:

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