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Podcast: Tipping Point

This historical drama podcast in true-crime style delves into the untold story behind the controversial 1972 book, "The Limits to Growth". Developed from late author Dana Meadows' unpublished memoirs and featuring rare original audio, the three-part podcast takes listeners on a journey with Dana and Dennis Meadows and their team, as they strive to inform the world about looming ecological threats and potential solutions.

The series was researched, created and produced by Katy Shields and Vegard Beyer. I composed and produced the entire music score for Tipping Point, contributing to the project's overwhelming success. Utilizing a blend of electric guitar and synthesizers, my compositions served to heighten the narrative with intense moments, character themes and melancholic harmonies. The podcast was very positively received with tens of thousands of listeners in its first weeks, and more than 100 reviews across all major podcasting platofrms— every single one five out of five stars.

Tipping Point received critical acclaim and endorsements also from sustainability scholars, journalists, climate organizations and professional podcasters in the sustainability space, such as Rachel Donald of Planet:Critical.