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"Fractions" at LUNA 2023

“Fractions” is a light & sound installation developed specifically for LUNA 2023, in collaboration with Dutch animation artist Anne Fie Salverda.

It was presented inside the Doopsgezinde church, located right in the city center of Leeuwarden and attracted more than two hundred visitors per hour. The visuals were projected and reflected onto the walls – bent and broken by glass objects – and visualized an abstract dream world.

In “Fractions”, the emphasis lies on contextual sound design: I took field recordings from Leeuwarden and Berlin as a basis and then incorporated musical expressions to create my own interpretation of the animation. The soundscape was played on four speakers, allowing the sounds to interact with each other and with the space.

Anne Fie and I previously collaborated and created multidisciplinary work for the international project “KOMPOST: try to descibe a place”.

Parts of this installation will also be presented at LIGHTMOVE Festival in Tunis, Tunisia.